Expediting Services

Expediting Services

At Fides Engineering, our experienced expediting professionals provide hands-on investigation of the actual status of each stage of your manufacturer process helping to ensure that our clients get the very best from every project.


What We Do

In order to make sure that the project proceeds as planned, we

Check the availability of each material on site before commencement of construction.
Communicate with the client to ascertain all that is required to see a particular project through.
Help you minimize delays and mitigate costly product deficit issues.

How it Works

We help you reach your project goals by,

01 Monitoring the project by phases to ensure that each stage is completed at the stipulated time.
02 Verifying that the supplier fully understands order requirements and implementation to avoid any mix-ups.
03 Giving the client a chance to confirm and approve vendor drawings, procedures, and test plans.
03 Carrying out our due diligence to ensure that possible problems of supplies and productions are identified early to avoid delays in delivery.

Our Competitive Advantage

With the touch of FIDES Engineering, you will be able to,

  • We maintain communication between the client and supplier throughout the duration of the project.
  • We prepare real time reports of the progress of your project during inspections so that you can track the status of your project per time.
  • Meeting up with timelines and deadlines are non-negotiable.
  • We see to it that your product measures up to agreed delivery and quality terms.

With our expediting services, building your customer’s confidence and belief in the integrity of your business becomes a walk in the park; you won’t have to stress about not meeting up with agreed timelines. Contact us to find out more.