Vendor Evaluation

Vendor Evaluation

With this service, we help to make sure that your intended vendors are capable of delivering contractual requirements without deviations; what this means is that we will carry out all the necessary and detailed background checks to ascertain that you’re not being misled, scammed or fed lies.


What We Do

In order to ensure that potential vendors are who they proclaim to be, we,

Carry out factory profile verification
Check their organization structure
Confirm their production capacity
Check their production process
Confirm their quality management system
Inspect their facilities and machinery
Carry out testing facilities, project experience and approval verifications
Cary out other checks as required by the client

How it Works

In order to achieve all that have been listed, we

Provide vendor evaluation to our clients so they can check their viability and select the best choice
Link our clients with potential vendors who fit their requirements for a particular project.
Supervise vendors shop for quality checks

Our Competitive Advantage


Here, we bring to fore our core principles of accountability, innovation, quality and integrity; we have a name to protect and we will not jeopardize it for anything. Other things that set us apart include,

  • We have been in the business for a couple of years so we have established relationships with some vendors
  • We have a team of experienced professional who are experts at the job; they can spot a lie or an inconsistency if any exists
  • We don’t treat our clients’ businesses like just another business, every business is the business of the moment and is treated as a priority
  • We do not court mediocrity, excellence is always a watchword and you can be sure that your vendor selection process will be handled professionally.

We at FIDES Engineering believe without a doubt that, making a choice of the right vendor can either make or mar a project, that’s why you can rest assured that we will do everything to access the capacity and capability of a potential vendor to deliver quality goods in time. Why not contact us now to get started.