Sourcing Services

Sourcing Services

Sourcing is the development of plans to proactively pursue opportunities for a business and the ability to effectively react to the needs of the business; at FIDES engineering, our clients are able to efficiently address these two challenges with our sourcing services.


What We Do

Our professionals use their extensive knowledge and expertise to:

Identify and validate suppliers
Carryout contracting and negotiations
Improve procurement process
Identify alternative sources of supply for the business
Provide targeted market information

How it Works

We work round the clock to ensure that we optimize your sustainable competitive advantages. We see to it that our clients get satisfactory contract negotiations. It’s always win with us. Here’s how we achieve it:

01 We thoroughly review a proposed contract based on available facts
02 We do a comparative analysis of similar contracts in the marketplace

Our Competitive Advantage


With the extensive knowledge of our experts and their experience from previous projects, we are able to assist our clients to get their products within the budget, without deviating from the quality of the product and within the stipulated time. Other reasons why we hold sway over our competitors are:

  • We have been around for a couple of years now, we have the unique experience required to advise you during contract negotiations and every other step of the sourcing process
  • We have successfully negotiated contract terms in the past so you can be sure that we will bring our experience to fore in negotiating yours. We are a trustworthy brand.
  • We don’t just negotiate a contract and leave you to your own devices, we help to foster interaction and drive throughout the lifecycle of your contract.
  • We have a track record of successful sourcing services, we can help you cut sourcing cost by linking you with savings opportunities.